Kuuhaukun Tähtisumua

It's been some time since our dear and beloved Valo died of cancer. Dogs bring great joy and deep sorrow but I still wasn't ready for this. When Valo got sick we tried everything to find out what was wrong. We took dozens of urine and blood tests and spent two whole days at the vet - everything was normal. Two veterinarians were working on his case and I contacted many more. We took x-rays of him twice - hips, back and intestines were all fine. We sent many different samples to lab (thyroids, Cushing's syndrome, fine-needle aspiration etc.) and never found anything that was wrong. We took ultrasounds and electrocardiography, nothing abnormal was found. Valo was also on a diet if he had problems with liver or kidneys.

All this time Valo was happy and cheery. We took walks in the forest and let him stay free on our yard so he could do what he pleased. Valo was very happy of his new diet and always ate with good appetite. He never showed any pain and never lost weight. For two last weeks I slept on the floor so Valo could sleep next to me and I could always see and hear him if things got worse. I could not stand it if I didn't notice something or if Valo had any pain. He slept sound and was always the happy Valo he had always been. I had contacted specialists and we were going to do more tests in Aisti that week, tests like MRI because the neurological problems were the only thing we hadn't tested yet.

Just few days before I was out with Valo and we saw a meteor that burned red for a while. It reminded me of the old Chukchi tale of the dog team that rides across the sky. Valo passed away at home with his family around him. Just a moment and he was gone. Our veterinarian and nurses helped us with things concerning the autopsy. Sero and Odessa said their goodbyes and I know they had known about Valo's disease for a long time. I didn't feel relieved I just wanted my dear Valo back.

Valo gave us a lot of extra time. He stayed brave and strong and I didn't have to deside over his life. Not until the autopsy we knew what was wrong. He had malignant tumours (not neurological) and lymphoma - there was nothing we could have done to save him. We were said that he was exceptionally strong to live so long and without pain. And I know how brave and sweet he was.

Other dogs have been doing well. I don't know what I would have done if Sero had passed before Valo because Valo loved his "big brother" so much. Odessa has shown some strange behaviour though. When it's starry sky or moon is bright she sits on her chair by the window and looks outside. I woke up one night it was after 5AM. I joined Odessa and looked out the beautiful starry sky. She swept her tail and I saw a shooting star. We will always love and remember our Stardust.

There are so many people who met and loved Valo and I thought I owe to tell about this. This tore my heart but it's only a small part of what Valo was and still is for me. I have a "theme song" for each of my dogs. I don't know why and how they are chosen but this is Valo's song.


This is what I give
A circle is complete
Another circle spins
There’s life within