1 week

So I'm having a vacation for a one week before work. Actually I'm still in school for a month and I've got many things to do but I'm staying away from the city for this one week. I'm also doing our Siberian Husky Club's magazine which should be printed soon and I should update our web pages and.... Oh, if you haven't noticed yet the SHCA have completed some illustrations of Lorna and Leonhard! 

We wrote about this project a year ago in our club magazine so this is not new information for anybody! The completed illustrations doesn't look too bad because I was expecting much worse and I knew they would differ from the old illustrations which is a shame. I was hoping they would look at the old photos from the 30's and 40's (or they should not be called Leonhard and Lorna) and make the illustrations based on them. Luckily the illustration of a moving Siberian is not the awful ”show movement” which is seen in the show ring way too often. My main concern is that the male looks too feminine which already is a fault seen often in the show ring.

There are many faults in the ”Leonhard” profile. This dog has the ”hanging chest”, the deepest point of the chest should be level with elbows... Very common fault with show winners. He also has too short and upright upper arm and he is too long in body. It's good that the hindquarters aren't exaggerated but they could be much better so I'm not even starting with that! I know how hard it is to make an illustration even when you know how all different parts should be but when you try to put them together... Well that's why I just used pictures of my own dogs when I was making illustrations for my pages. Link to already completed SHCA illustrations: http://illustratedstandard.com/shcacomp.htm

I've got so many things to write about but not the time for it. So here are few pictures for you!

Here is the team after a run. There were 10 dogs pulling the truck (oh, and the trailer for 12 dogs) and YES they can pull it without help and it's not animal cruelty, these dogs are working sled dogs under strict supervision. I guess we had 14 different dogs but BABY Sepe was way too young for pulling ;)

Almost 11 years old Sero wasn't the oldest one in the team. Here running in the wheel with his daughter Odessa and winking at the girls: How You Doin? This was first time for them both to run in front of a truck (and not seeing me :') ) and they did just awesome.

Lovely boy, I didn't even think of stealing him... This BABY HUSKY was supervising the team inside the truck... And being all cute.

I love this photo. Here is Joiku in his kennel and Henna outside roaming on her own. Henna is Joiku's 16 years old grandmother, both from Troika kennels.