Drinks at Kerubi

4.5.2012 Kerubi, Joensuu

Last week we went to test how the new law operates. Since January 1. Finnish restaurants have been allowed to let animals indoors. It's great that you can take your dog with you when you go out. Especially during summer when we often travel with a dog or when I have Odessa in the city with me and I can't leave her alone with our bunnies.

I'm not planning to take dogs in busy restaurants but it's great that I can take a dog on a terrace with me and my friends. In Joensuu there's been one place where dogs were allowed before this new law and it's a nice and cool place by water. It's important to have a chance to get the dog under a shade and that the place is windy enough. So we went to test if they let us in the Kerubi restaurant terrance. Place is nice and I often walk my dogs in Ilosaari. Water is close and the area is quite calm. I just hope that dog owners know how to behave and take only calm dogs with them. I think it's great to allow dogs on terrances but I wouldn't like to eat indoors next to a dog (unless it's a Siberian, they don't smell like dogs :D))

Odessa behaved very well and we felt cozy with our Siberian. After drinks we went to friend's place watch the hockey game and Odessa just relaxed and slept on the floor despite all the yelling guys.  

Valo and I continue to visit nursing homes and last week we visited a new place. There were two floors so we had to take an elevator to get to visit people who couldn't come downstairs. Valo is not a huge fan of elevators but we all just squeezed in one (3 people and 3 big dogs that Valo hadn't met before). He did great and he's such a sweet boy!

Sero didn't get extra attention last week so I harnessed him in front of my mountain bike and he really loved the run. We stopped by the lake to check if there's still ice covering the lake. And yes there was but it's too fragile to walk on. Sero also found a common lizard and we watched him sunbathing on a deck. I would have photographed it but two dogs running free interrupted us.

Thanks for this pic: anline.kuvat.fi
And here is Valo in the dog show celebrating the first of May. Valo has been like this since he was 8 weeks old, he just doesn't care what's going on around him! Japanese tourists came to photograph him and his blue eyes, I don't even know how many times Valo has posed for tourists because I feel we meet them almost every time we get out of the door. But we don't mind and Valo always want's to share his Siberian love around him!