Playing with numbers

 At the end of last year I was fortunate to stay for a while in Kuuhaukun kennel and help with the latest litter of Siberians. And there sure was plenty of work! For someone it may equal 3 different litters but there was only one with 9 little rascals. And I thought someone said line breeding reduces litter sizes... People are also saying that it's hard to sell puppies but all these 9 Siberians were immediately reserved. So if you are looking for a puppy you need to contact the breeder well before the litter is born!

 It was fun and interesting to work with this litter because there are no Kuuhaukun kennel lines. On the outside the puppies looks quite familiar but there are little differences in their character. It's interesting to see how they grow up and how they are doing after the first year.

We are doing good. I have both our oldest (and first) animals in the house, Banda the bunny is over 10 years old senior and is enjoying his bunny company. With the dogs we are working for a new trail and hopefully getting premissions to use it also in the future. We've been sledding just like before and I even had the time to repair the sled a little. We have also been doing little "safari" work for kids. The dogs have worked very hard, Sero is a natural worker but Odessa heats up a little when she gets tired. I love her attitude though, she just needs more experience of pulling heavier loads and she needs to understand that if the sled is heavier she don't have to run that fast!

I've been working on some Siberian-related stuff and hopefully everyone will see the outcome this spring. Don't you worry I'll let you know later!

You wouldn't guess this mom has nursed 9 puppies for over 5 weeks!

It's been a great winter. Here 700m from our home.
I thought you want to see more pictures of the Kuuhaukun puppies!
 In Seventh Heaven
Give Me Five and Eight Below