Generation 3

First there was Sero, then his daughter Odessa and now our newborn baby husky! Last Saturday Odessa whelped a little baby girl - or actually she wasn't so little as her weight was 500 grams... This puppy may just be the cutest thing ever! She already looks like a real Siberian Husky and she is very agile for her age. I wouldn't be surprised to see her walking and running tomorrow!

We were expecting 1-2 puppies because an ultrasound we took weeks before a due date showed two puppies. Odessa made it all very easy even though a puppy was the only one and so big. Few hours after whelping we took Odessa and her baby to another ultrasound just to make sure there isn't more puppies coming! Luckily our vet had given her home number so it was easy to contact her and after Odessa's examination Odessa nursed her puppy at vet's home. Nature is amazing and this puppy seems very vital and Odessa has been a very good mother. At the age of 4 days she still has many obstacles ahead and we really hope she is going to be a healthy and lively puppy as she's been this far!

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