Dog people

I have 3 dogs so I'm automatically categorized as a dog person. My own vision of dog people are the people who wear some sort of breed logo or club banner, smoke and loudly cursing report of the texture of their dogs feces and from where they found it this time. If a dog person can't be found beside a show ring or training field they spend their time gossiping on phone or on some other medium and judging on other dog people. They are also well-known on some dog-related Internet forum.

Their closest friends are also dog people and they drag their dogs everywhere where they can attain attention, even if it's 30°C degrees heat outside. Dog people also own the whole world and with their dogs they may do anything they want, where and when they want. I've also noticed that dog people can be very crafty and deceitful – the type of people who want everything right now no matter the consequences. Dog people seem to live through their dogs and a dog person would get furious of this description.

Anyhow, our dogs live in our home with us. They can go wherever they want and we don't use crates indoors. We also have a room for our dogs and that's easy to recognize – almost all Siberian Husky related stuff is placed in that room. That infection has also spread around the house, there are couple paintings of our dogs and few Siberian Husky related items have found their way into kitchen. We go to dog events couple of times a year and I don't talk about my dogs more than about other members of our family. However, my dogs are members of our family and I can't think life without them (13 years of my life without them was enough).

But I don't feel like a dog person. I have more friends that aren't dog people and they don't even have a dog. People assume that I'm interested in every dog walking by but it isn't so. I don't watch what's happening on other dog breeds (good if I even watch Huskies). I've had Siberian Huskies for 10 years and I'm not going to move on to any other breed soon. Maybe I'm a Siberian Husky person! Only a very small amount of world's Siberian Husky population interests me when thinking about breeding Siberians. However I found "exotic" (by every mean of the word) huskies always very interesting!

Please don't take this text too seriously ;) and I also try to update my blog more often.

Mystery pic ;) They're everywhere!