Ulmo - Lord of Waters

We have started our autumn trainings and every time we go out Valo want's to go for a swim. And he just loooove to swim! He likes to fetch things from the water so I bought him an aqua toy. And of course he just looked at me and didn't even touch the toy. Instead he fetched a candle that was floating upside down and would have played with it for hours. So I ended up trying to reach out his new toy while Valo enjoyed his new treasure.

Valo thinks he's the Lord of Waters and don't want to come back on dry land. So he just stands in the water looking so noble. Sometimes you can only see his head between the waves when he is watching over his watery kingdom. Sometimes I think he might be half-walrus or a polar bear because his coat is so thick that his skin never gets wet and water just flows of his floating back and tail.

Photos: "Valo and his new Pet Aqua Toy" and " People stop littering my kingdom!"

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  1. Ihana Valo....Terkut meiltä täältä, hieman murheellisten asioiden keskeltä.